10 Real Estate Projects That Will Change the Face of New York City

New York City is about to experience a massive investment in the real estate industry. A majority of these large-scale real estate developments are office projects. Of the top 10 planned developments, only three are residential buildings, and one earmarked to be a hotel.

One of the most notable projects is the Tishman Speyer’s Queens Plaza in Long Island with nearly 1 million-square-foot commercial space. It is the largest of the projects formally proposed in June. The project involves two connected towers that are expected to be 27 stories high.

Thor Equities is a distant second with a proposed 645,103-square foot office development. The project will be built on 270 Richards Street, on Red Hook’s waterfront, at the former Revere Sugar Refinery site. The development will be a five-storey office block with a roof deck and a walking track.

Steiner NYC will be developing a 248,489-square-foot building that will house Wegmans grocery store. This property will stand on the Brooklyn Navy Yard on 21 Flushing Avenue.

A drug treatment facility in 22 Chapel Street Brooklyn will give way to a 150,431-square-foot mixed use property. Whereas the ground floor will have 2,000 square feet of retail space, 180 residential units will feature from the third to the twentieth floor.

2956 Park Avenue, Bronx will host 154 housing units on a proposed 15-story building spanning 148,318 square feet. The building will have an affordable housing component.

First planned 12 years ago, the 160-unit building located on the parking lot of the Robert Fulton public housing complex will be a mixed-income rental project. The 18-floor building will have a span of 122,955 square feet.

12 East 48th Street, Manhattan will play host to an 115,924-square-foot hotel with 161 guest rooms. The ground floor of the $47 million project will host retail component.

F&T Group plans to build a 14-story office building spanning 77,228-square-feet. This development will be at 37-12 Prince Street, Queens.
A 14-story office and retail building on 827 Broadway, Manhattan in Greenwich Village is set to be built to host retail outlets and office space.

Boris Aronova, on the other hand, plans to develop a 17-story office building in Midtown. This building will replace two small buildings standing on 43 West 47 Street, Manhattan.

Expectations are that TOWN Residential will be managing some if not all of these new developments in New York City. TOWN Residential is the leading luxury real estate firm in New York City. The company has cemented its position as New York’s ultimate luxury real estate firm in just five short years, having been founded in 2010. The company offers unparalleled services in the luxury real estate field.

Under the executive leadership of Andrew Heiberger and Jacqueline Pestana, TOWN Residential has built a team of professionals who have gained immense knowledge and experience in the real estate industry. The team has achieved new standards of excellence in the industry.

How to bury a bad reputation: bury negative press

When it is time to bury bad news or to bury negative press, persons with bad information with respect to their respective personas are going to want to do away with all of their less than favorable on-line reputations. The reality is this: Most information is irreversible. The objective, then, is for the unfortunate individual to simply take out what he or she can and then create new and improved content. Positive content, then, is the key to looking better from the standpoint of the press. The idea is to bury negative search results by means of online reputation management.

The person seeking to get rid of less than favorable information about him or herself is not going to achieve the result by way of disappearing from the Internet. The preceding, like most fundamental mistakes in life, is not the answer. The key, then, is naturally for any individual to push for as much positive press and content as is possible. The content, which follows, provides helpful steps for the individual wishing to look more positive, in the eyes of his or her followers, and the public in general.

1) The primary step for the person who has suffered from negative information projected about his or her reputation is to to create and administer his or her own public image.

Specific web addresses generally appear high with respect to the search results. A person who merely creates a profile, on such sites, with his or her name and some information that identifies him or her is able to suppress results that are less than favorable. When a person, with less than favorable press, manages his or her general reputation, in the preceding manner, it is important, too, that he or she sets the privacy setting for public view. Any information presented on the sites, read most often, must only contain content which the individual believes he or she will not regret having posted, at a later date.

The idea is bad information is not something that is easily deleted: It is best then, to dig it under with information that is positive.

Some sites useful in creating a good public image include: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and Google+; however, there are many others.

2) The second step for the individual is to make public comments within news articles, on social media sites and within certain forums.

An individual clearing up a low reputable standing is wise to register his or her name on various news sites, and comment on articles found on the sites. This is an important activity which to engage, although news sites are not as quite as prominent as social media sites. The person, making it a point to clear up his or her reputation, is using a wise strategy by way of using his or her true name. The individual, too, is best off to express an opinion in the industry or activity which he or she chooses to become a participant.

3) The third step is for the individual to link among different sites.

The individual should create a social media account and then link that account to another social media account. The next phase of the step is to link all of the social media accounts to a blog account. The result is that the positive content presented ends up higher within the search results.

Brian Torchin: From Doctor to Company President

For some, the path from doctor to the President of one of the largest staffing companies in the U.S. might be a stretch. This wasn’t the case for Brian Torchin. President of Health Care Recruitment Counselors LLC, Torchin started his professional career as a chiropractor before going on to fill what he saw as a gap between staffing agencies and medical professionals looking for sustainable positions.

Torchin developed his interest in chiropractics while pursuing his Bachelor of Exercise Science at the University of Delaware. While there he saw the benefits of this field of medicine for physical healing and wellbeing. From there he received his Doctor of Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College in 1995. After obtaining his degree, Torchin worked as a chiropractor for 12 years, achieving expertise in the field and acclaim for his outstanding bedside manner.

During his tenure as a chiropractor, Torchin started to see some issues among his healthcare peers. He noticed in particular that there was a disconnect when it came to putting quality chiropractic professionals in long term positions. A natural critical thinker, Torchin came up with a response to this problem. In 2007 he formed HCRC Staffing in order to provide a knowledgeable resource for healthcare professionals seeking jobs and staffing agencies who are seeking to fill positions. Since opening its doors more the 9 years ago, HCRC Staffing has grown to become one of the largest staffing companies in the United States and still continues to grow.

While Torchin is perhaps most well known for his role at the helm of HCRC, he still continues to work as a private chiropractor, providing quality care to his large pool of patients. In his positions as both a chiropractor and company president, Torchin provides clients with individual attention and comprehensive solutions. He is skilled at building long term relationships which lead to improved health for his patients and career success for his staffing clients.  Check out his Twitter for a further breakdown of the healthcare industry, and finding a job therein.

IAP Worldwide Services is Scaling New Heights of Service to Humanity

IAP Worldwide Services was founded in Irmo, SC as a procurement company specializing in logistic on a global scale. Its most memorable contribution was supporting of the US troops during Operation Desert Storm. It is a very dependable partner for the US military and is always awarded contracts for international procurement and power generation for temporary or mobile stations. It is also involved in emergencies, reliefs and transportation services. IAP Worldwide is known as a leading provider of advanced technical and professional services including the management of facilities both in the private and public sector. The company manages, operates and maintains military installations, remote research laboratories including civilian facilities. It has over 2,000 employees in about 25 countries around the world.

IAP Worldwide, which stands for Ingenuity and Purpose, has more than half a century of experience and has built a reputation as one of the most dependable, reliable and responsive market leader. The company’s workforce is always on standby and ready to handle any situation as it arises. IAP also helps companies with workforce flexibility around the globe by providing the necessary human resources overseas. The company is known for its corporate responsibility activities and the worthwhile contributions it makes to the society. Almost 30% of its workforce constitutes veterans who have been in the battlefront, and who are easily assimilated into civilian life through engagements with IAP. The company believes that military service endows one with the virtues of leadership, teamwork, and quick thinking.

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IAP: Home

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. Employer Salary, Average Salaries

The company is also committed to the protection and preservation of the environment by engaging itself in various environmental exercises. It undertakes an assessment of the potential environmental impact of projects before commencing them. It is also in the forefront of making efficient use of the natural environment. IAP has also been involved in reclaiming eroded shorelines by planting marsh grass and creating marine friendly oyster reefs.

Recently, IAP acquired DRS Technologies Incorporation’s Aviation and Logistics business in Oklahoma City together with The Tactical Communications and Network Solutions business (TCNS) in Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. These acquisitions will increase its capabilities on a global scale and will double the market size that it serves. They have been integrated into a new unit known as the Aviation and Engineering Solutions and its existing unit referred to as the National Security Program. The company is known for its service to humankind including the training and equipping of its personnel to offer excellent services. It is a company with a global reach that is bringing satisfaction, relief and security to many.

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Wen By Chaz Blows Readers Minds

Wen By Chaz [see, http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html] has been a hit among women for many years. It has been a hit because it helps eliminates the need of spending money on thousands of products when you can get everything you need in one Amazon sold product. That’s been the answer to my prayers because I love having the convenience of using one product because I hate being in the shower and having to reach to the left and the right to find what products I want to use on my hair. It’s so inconvenient so if I can avoid it I do at any cost.
Recently, Bustle blogger Emily McClure decided to share her top secret hair product secrets with the world and wrote an article about her experience with Wen By Chaz. Wen By Chaz is a 5 in 1 product that is suggested to work on all types of hair. Women have been singing it’s praises and after 7 days so was Emily McClure. Her hair transformed almost immediately and had readers in awe and wondering if Wen By Chaz would have the same impact on their own hair regimen.

After reading it I have to admit I now wonder if my hair could benefit from the Wen By Chaz challenge. Visit the Wen YouTube channel for more details


The Best Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort

In 1960, one of the ski resorts in California hosted the Winter Olympics. The best Lake Tahoe Vacation resort, known as Squaw Valley, has always tried to maintain its skiing culture and its mountain energy. The resort is known for its outdoor adventures that are reflected in the view of the Tahoe’s water. If you are a beginner in the skiing game, visiting the resort will be a wise decision. There are different learning areas that are set in the alpine scenery. There are other progressive terrains set for the experienced individuals too. The resort is known to be one of the longest serving in the United States.

Close to Squaw Valley is another ski resort, known as Alpine Meadows. The resort is located between Tahoe City and Truckee, just fifteen minutes -drive from Squaw Valley. The resort is considered to be the best for families vising Lake Tahoe. Regardless of your experience as a skier, the resort always brings a new and exciting challenge. Individuals who have visited Alpine Meadows say that they had the best experience.
Both Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley are located in the northern part of Tahoe. Skiers and other visitors can see the top of one mountain when they are on the other. According to the history of these neighboring resorts, they were separated by ski passes and different cultures. This, however, changed five years ago when Squaw Valley acquired Alpine Meadows. This decision united the two resorts. Both of them are now under the ownership of KSL Capital Partners. The visitors are, however, forced to drive from one mountain to the other, something that is expected to change soon.

News from the management of the resorts says that there are plans to construct a gondola. The gondola will be the perfect way to connect the two iconic resorts. For many years, visitors had always hoped for this, and it seems that there dream is coming true. According to the CEO of Squaw Valley, the idea has been there for decades, and implementing it will be good for the snowboarders and skiers who frequent the area.
The decision was made after the owner of the piece of land separating the two resorts, popularly known as Caldwell Troy agreed to the construction. The piece of land is known as White Wolf, and it is estimated to be four hundred and sixty acres. Troy and Andy Wirth made the important decision after consulting with each other.


Keith Mann – Putting His Money to Good Use

Keith Mann is a philanthropist working out of New York to support some of the causes he finds most worthwhile. The Co-Founder of Dynamic Search Partners, also in New York, specializes in providing executive staffing needs and alternative investments for private equity firms. Mr. Mann currently holds the title of Managing Director for this company. For more than ten years, Dynamic Search Partners has created a network of investment professionals that includes some of the most prominent hedge funds companies in the industry.
Mr. Keith Mann has been in a position to support some of what he feels are New York’s greatest causes on a personal level. Last year he donated to an educational organization that supports classroom projects throughout the United States. This organization, DonorsChoose.org provides needed supplies to students and teachers for these projects. Another educational organization Mr. Mann supports is Uncommon Schools of New York. He and his company, Dynamic Search Partners donated $22,000 to this group. The primary goal of this educational organization is to assist low-income students to be successful at the college level.
Continuing support of education, Keith Mann and his wife, Keely, started a scholarship fund for future business professionals. Partnering again with Uncommon Schools, the scholarship opportunity will be given to one graduating senior at one of the Brooklyn-based high schools. In order to apply for the scholarship, the senior student must write a 1000-word essay telling how a college degree will help them obtain professional goals. Mr. Mann uses some of the same tools needed in his executive search business to match strong leaders in high school to a college that will contribute to their accomplishments.
The New York Police Department is another group that benefits from donations made by Keith Mann. When many are protesting and turning violent against the NYPD, Mr. Mann sends them lunch to let them know they are appreciated. He has made this gesture more than once, to make clear his appreciation for the job they do for New York City. He has also organized support rallies for the police department in New York City. Mr. Mann also directly supports Hope and Heroes, a non-profit organization started by Columbia University Medical Center in New York that supports work on childhood blood disorders and cancer patients.

Shaygan Kheradpir Ascends to the Top Management Level of Coriant


There is a transition happening at the management level of prominent optical systems supplier Coriant that has appointed Shaygan Kheradpir as the Chief Executive Officer and Board Chairman. After exiting Juniper Networks barely a year ago, Shaygan will be managing Coriant. He is replacing Pat DiPietro, who will become Vice Chairman and resume to his position as Marlin Equity Partners’ Operating Partner. Coriant was formed after an integration of optical unit of Tellabs, Sycamore Networks, and Nokia.

Shaygan is up for the task

Shaygan has been preparing for the top position for some time. As an Operating Executive at Marlin Equity Partners, he has worked in close collaboration with the senior management team. His professional expertise, commitment, and investment prowess make Shaygan the right person to steer Coriant to greater heights. He will offer not only leadership but also guidance and insights on important matters affecting the company. Shaygan will manage more than 500 corporate clients and annual revenues of over $1 billion. His first challenge is to distinguish Coriant from other competitors including Ciena, Alcatel-Lucent, Huawei, Cisco, and more. He will oversee implementation of Coriant’s long-term growth plans. Shaygan loves to use technology to provide lasting solutions to problems that human beings face. Originally published on LightReading: http://www.lightreading.com/optical/packet-optical/kheradpirs-coriant-comeback/a/d-id/718548

Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is one of the world’s top entrepreneurs and technology investors. He makes a strategic impact at Coriant, a leading provider of groundbreaking networking solutions to top network operators in more than 100 nations. He is CEO of Coriant as well as the Chairman of its board. His unmatched executive experience cuts across several industries like technology, financial services, and telecommunication. He has a doctorate, masters, and undergraduate degree in Engineering from the prestigious Cornel University. Shaygan started his career at GTE Corporation, and he was eventually appointed as the CIO and Executive Vice President of Verizon.

During his tenure at Verizon, Shaygan was instrumental in the modernization of systems, innovation, and the creation of technology product initiatives such as FiOs, one of the most advanced and biggest infrastructure programs in the United States. Later on, Barclays appointed him as the Chief Operations Officer, and subsequently as a member of its executive committee. Following the successful creation and implementation of TRANSFORM program at Barclays, Shaygan landed a job at Juniper Networks as the CEO. At Juniper Networks, he played an integral role in the development and implementation of a cost-cutting strategy called Integrated Operating Plan. He was a member of the Cornell University Engineering Council.

The Strange Decisions of Kyle Bass, And Their Relation To China

Kyle Bass recently predicted China’s economic bubble will “atrophy”. He says the bubble is built on credit, and that within the next two to three years, it will reach a point where it is no longer sustainable. He says there’s a forty to fifty percent chance this point will be reached by the end of 2016. If he’s right, that means savvy investors should change their investment strategy. But what if he’s only saying these things to manipulate the market? What he’s said can’t be fully qualified if he’s wrong, and if he’s right–look at that! Bass predicted another economic meltdown. If China doesn’t have a meltdown in the next three years, Bass can say that conditions during that time changed sufficiently to render his previous prediction moot–how could he have predicted that scenario A would lead to economic stimulus B which helped defray the debt? So any direction one looks at Bass’ remarks, they can’t be wrong. That’s indicative of manipulative tactic. If Bass were directly saying something around which his career were staked, it would be a different story.

But Bass has done some strange things in his time as a financier. First and foremost, he’s an Argentine. Though he runs his hedge fund out of Austin, Texas, his sympathies lie with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, socialist despot of his home country. De Kirchner has defaulted Argentina twice during her tenure as leader. In only thirteen years, the country has had to go through the same meltdown scenario two separate times. Yet Bass supports her. That seems a strange decision, unless he’s got sympathies which don’t usually make it to the public.

Kyle Bass also started CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. This pseudo-humanitarian organization hoodwinks the ill and their families into signing petitions and leveling lawsuits against big-ticket pharmaceutical organizations based on the prices they sell their medicine for. When their efforts are successful, the drug’s price drops, as does the pharmaceutical company’s stock, and Bass short-sells his holdings making millions. Meanwhile, the drug companies can’t spend anymore money on research and development, so cures that were nearby can be lost indefinitely. How can Bass be concerned about the sick when he’s exploiting them for his own aims? Strange.

His remarks about China bear every characteristic of his previous endeavors in the realm of finance. They should be taken in the same light.

Better together: Mike Baur of Swiss Start Up Agrees to Partner with Fusion

As of today, both Start-Up Factory and Fusion have started a close cooperation to build a distinctive connection involving the French and the Switzerland’s Swiss German regions. The two sovereign accelerators complement each other perfectly in their actual direction and the association. The two companies offer assistance to the start-ups from an early phase plans to prototyping, so they can effectively evolve and continue beta trial and market visibility. The major focus will be Fintech; however, other ICT subjects will be incorporated. In working together, the two service providers will partner on the start-up pre- assortment procedure, mentor network exchange, collaboration with universities, start-up acceleration and shared office room for start-ups.

The same way the founder of Fintech Fusion, Guillaume Dubray states that the digital transformation is found in every place, Switzerland, a top performer in innovation offers exceptional circumstances for newbie and existing industrialists to prosper. Startups have a huge alternative of development programs, coaching podiums, and Startup Hubs. With the current associate, the Swiss Up Factory, the vision of the company is to encourage cooperation between the strongest companies that are driven by innovation platforms in Switzerland.

In addition to the comments of Mr. Dubray, Mike Baur, managing associate and co-founder of Start-Up Factory in Switzerland narrates that Switzerland do not have efficient efforts to concentrate on the potency and resources due to the linguistic assortment and the provincial and cantonal severance.

The corporation between the Swiss Start-Up and Fusion is the one that goes beyond the previously mentioned obstacles by bringing two sovereign services providers from varied linguistic and geological regions. This is just the starting phase making the Swiss Start-Up ecological unit by strong by nurturing cooperation between two parties.

About Fusion

Started in 2015, Fusion capitalizes on a part of Switzerland as an international hub for financial services and its remarkable repute for modernization to drive the Fintech program. The plan of Fusion is to combine the the two accelerators with the most promising Fintech skills to lead modernization in financial services.

The approach used by Fusion is rooted in cooperation. Business members and advisers are drawn from all regions of financial services like commodity trading, banking, and insurance sectors. Fusion entails academic support from some of world’s finest engineering research institutions and participation from venture capital funds that will syndicate funding.